Alintel is a company specialized on design and production of voltage regulators for lighting plants, current rectifiers for plating plants, switching adjustable power supplies and also in general it studies solutions of electronic power for industrial and laboratory applications.
Alintel is working on lighting and industrial fields and it's also present in research laboratories (industrial and physical applications) where it supplies systems for material and components tests and gives support and skills for the development of state-of-the-art applications, typical for the physical research.
One target that Alintel would like to reach, from the beginning of her history, and that is different from other companies from the same business, is that to build machines for Custom applications (developed in direct cooperation with clients), with particular characteristics, indeed we would also like to give the possibility to out customers to choose among a wide range of products with a very good relationship between quality and price.
This characteristic, together with a big motivation showed by Alintel employees, has allowed Alintel to firm its prestige on the field of Power Electronics.